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Network and Systems Maintenance

FLAIREMEDIA is your business partner in ensuring that your computer network and PC systems are working properly and efficiently. With our solutions, we can provide your company with the stabilizing presence of technical support specialists who will ensure that your network and workstations are properly configured for optimal performance.

One of the biggest headaches that most offices encounter is computer-virus infection and other sorts of disruptions like unwanted pop-ups, adware and malware that often lead to system failure and result in reduction of productivity. Our service is packaged with virus-prevention and removal solutions to make sure that all systems are clean and your network is free of unwanted virus.

FLAIREMEDIA can also provide your company with inexpensive data-backup solutions that will allow you to store sensitive company data without necessarily buying high-end data-server systems. Should your company require a RAID-setup or disk-mirroring, we can configure a file server to make sure that essential files are always backed-up in case of disk failure.

Get in touch with us today to know more how we can help you in keeping your network system trouble-free.

On-site and Remote Support

FLAIREMEDIA can periodically send a technical support personnel in your office at a cost that beats the idea of having a regular IT specialist. We will take care of the technical troubles of each computer in your office as well as your whole network.

Our technical support team is also equipped to assist you over the phone in case an unexpected technical issue crops up on days that our team is not in your office.

Get in touch with us today to know more how we can help you in keeping your computer systems trouble-free.

E-mail Management

If you avail of our E-mail service solutions, our technical support team will always be on-hand to assist you in your email-related issues.

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